ACI Group goes above and beyond to deliver uninterrupted product supply for Eurovia Group

Nov 2022

For Eurovia Group (‘Eurovia’), finding local suppliers that uphold a similar vision, purpose and values to its business is the key to ensuring any customer project runs efficiently.

Responsible for improving over 50,000km of the UK highway network, Eurovia operates the largest specialist highway services portfolio in the country. This includes strategic road networks, DBFO motorway and trunk roads, alongside the local authority network.

To provide a dedicated and flexible approach to their clients, the company was looking for a phosphoric acid supplier that could easily meet the demanding timescales and scope of its current customer project.

The challenge

Eurovia is no stranger to strict time constraints. Yet the Horsham-based company was under increased pressure to find a new phosphoric acid supplier after its regular contractor had experienced a stock failure.

The highways specialist needed to find a new supplier that could deliver the raw material at a competitive price – and fast. Otherwise, it would result in disrupted supply to its customer and delay the project by a considerable amount of time.

The solution

Prior to the issue with the regular contractor, Eurovia had been purchasing products from its distribution partner, ACI Group, which are used only in combination with phosphoric acid. When ACI Group discovered that Eurovia’s usual order amount had decreased in size, they proactively reached out to Eurovia to find out if there was anything they could do to help.

Nicola Puddefoot, Customer Services Lead at ACI Group, commented: “At ACI Group, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and taking ownership of any concerns or challenges our customers may have. When Eurovia’s product order changed overnight, our team was the first to respond by offering an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach in support.

“Our sales and customer success teams reached out to our pharmaceutical business contacts to help Eurovia secure another supplier. Within a few short days, we’d managed to source a reputable supplier that ticked all the boxes and, most importantly, could meet Eurovia’s quota.”

The result

With warehouses located at all major ports and transportation hubs across the UK, ACI Group sourced the stock quickly, and secured and stored the raw material in its warehouses close to Eurovia’s headquarters in West Sussex. This delivered an uninterrupted supply of goods to Eurovia, enabling the company to complete its customer project on time and to its usual high standards.

Paul Kimber, Divisional Manager at Polybitumen, part of Eurovia Group, commented: “Thanks to the commendable efforts at ACI Group, the team demonstrated a collaborative approach in solving our raw material supply problem. Their technical expertise, skillset and willingness to help goes above and beyond industry expectations, which is why I look forward to working with the team at ACI Group for many years to come.”

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