ACI Group inks exclusive UK nutraceutical distribution deal with two leading brands.

Nov 2022

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has secured two exclusive deals with GR Herbals and Caltron Clays & Chemicals (‘Caltron Clays’) to distribute their nutraceutical products in the UK.

A first for the distributor, both partnerships will grant ACI Group access to their range of sustainable proprietary ingredients to strengthen several new and innovative product launches for the UK food and dietary supplement market.

Karsten Smet, Director at ACI Group, commented: “Functional ingredients are one of the primary drivers behind the nutraceutical industry today. At ACI Group, we recognise that consumers are demanding products that are backed by sustainable and scientific claims, are naturally sourced and deliver functional benefits that go beyond appearance.

“By working in partnership with GR Herbals, a manufacturer specialising in sustainable and organic herbal extracts and essential oils, and Caltron Clays, pioneers in manufacturing minerals and natural ingredients for health, we are bringing the best of the Indian market directly to the UK to meet growing consumer demand.”

Established in 2000, Caltron Clays offers an extensive portfolio of ingredients for the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food sectors. Its Algae Calcium powder application is derived from the Lithothamnium Calcareum (Rhodophyta) seaweed from the Philippines. With high bioavailability and 72 trace minerals in total, this 100% natural ingredient is neutral in taste and promotes increased calcium intake to improve bone density.

In addition, the Mumbai-based company’s natural and pure Marine Magnesium Salt contains more than 70 trace minerals and promotes stronger bones and teeth. It works through absorption in the bloodstream and helps to regulate metabolism.

Sanskar SS. Jain, Director at Caltron Clays, said in support of the agreement: “We are delighted to be working alongside ACI Group to distribute our ALGACAL™ and MARINMAG™ ingredients in the UK market. Caltron’s wide array of quality certifications and ACI Group’s continued focus on total customer satisfaction, combined with their expertise in driving value-added services in the supply chain, means Caltron’s products are well placed to meet consumer demand for functional and nutritional solutions.”

Based in India, GR Herbals has been producing its diverse range of high-quality herbal extracts since 2010. Comprising essential oils and botanicals, including Ashwagandha, Curcumin, Green Coffee, Boswellia and many other herbal extracts, the company prides itself on an eco-friendly approach from processing through to packaging.
“ACI Group is a true pioneer in the global distribution market, and we are pleased be one of the first nutraceutical companies to support their innovative vision in the UK” commented Rahul Marwal, Director at GR Herbals. “We are keen to see how ACI Group will develop our comprehensive range of products for the UK market and look forward to the results.”

In addition to the two distribution deals, ACI Group currently work in partnership with Goodmills Innovation (‘GMI’) – a bakery ingredients supplier that is part of Europe’s leading milling corporation, The Goodmills Group – to source ingredients for the functional food market.

As part of its expansion into nutraceuticals, the company will now distribute SpermidinEVO from GMI. The functional ingredient, which uses the raw material Spermidine – a polyamine compound that is naturally derived from ribosomes and living tissue, plays a critical role in cell function. It can be used in a wide range of food, including breads and buns, and dietary supplements to assist in healthy ageing.

For more information on ACI Group or its activities, please visit ACI Group.

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