ACI Group launches Oomph to help solve data visibility challenges for SMEs

Feb 2023

Leading UK distributor, ACI Group, has announced today that it has launched its software technology platform, Oomph, to improve data visibility, flexibility and speed to market for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The company, which works with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has vowed to help its SME customers solve current data challenges – including loss of data integrity, communication breakdown due to global bottlenecks, and increasing manufacturing delays from Brexit – that are exacerbating the supply chain crisis.

Karsten Smet, CEO of ACI Group, commented: “Around 80% of UK businesses have said that Brexit has been the biggest cause of market disruption in 2022, closely followed by the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war and rising energy costs1. Here, SMEs have been hit the hardest with fewer resources available to react quickly, causing inflating costs and further administration headaches. SMEs require help by their trusted partners. We are proud to release our own customer relationship management (CRM) tool to help build resilience, increase market share, and minimise the impact of real-time disruptions to our customers. They need a system that integrates seamlessly with solutions they are already using and allows them to identify opportunities to continue to grow.

“Oomph is the key to bridging the data visibility gap for SMEs. The SaaS CRM solution integrates with Sage, Xero, Google Mail, Quickbooks and Microsoft Office 365, enabling businesses to easily pull customer data from traditional and non-traditional supply chains into one single place."

The solution, which was developed by Oomph Works Ltd and acquired by ACI Group in September 2022, encapsulates everything from customer management and automation of daily administration operations to managing staff and company performance via its data-driven dashboard. The acquisition is a strategic move from the distribution company to accelerate its growth through customer retention and market penetration.

“One of the key benefits of Oomph is that it has been designed specifically to save SMEs time,” continued Karsten. “From initial enquiry through to project completion, Oomph automates data processes, tracks your company performance with clear communications – so you know the who, when, where and what – and helps you nurture customer relationships in just one tool. As a result, it could save up to one member of staff’s time per month(2), freeing them up to work on other business-related tasks.”

Oomph’s basic package comes with several features including dashboards, customer and supplier management, activities, sales forecasting, product management, quotes and invoicing, enquiries, advanced reporting and file management. Future releases will be coming shortly and will include integrated HR management.

Pricing starts from just £25 per month on an annual basis for up to five users. For more information on Oomph, please visit:

For more information on ACI Group and its activities, please visit: ACI Group.

1. Bloomberg UK via Ivalua/Coleman Parkes, November 2022 (Data collected in August 2022 across 303 UK companies).
2. RJN Decorators Customer Testimonial, 2022 (Data collected from previous Oomph version

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