ACI Group acquires tech software business to positively disrupt traditional supply chain

Dec 2022

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands throughout Europe, has announced today that it has acquired a technology software business to support and deliver complete end-to-end visibility in the supply chain.

The acquisition of Oomph Works Ltd is part of a strategic move by the UK distributor to reduce global bottlenecks and tackle increased costs in the supply chain, which are currently estimated to reach $110bn by 2027, in a bid to positively disrupt antiquated workflow methods in the pharmaceutical, food and industrial markets.

Commenting on the business acquisition, Karsten Smet, Director of ACI Group, said: “The extraordinary challenges of the last few years have shown us why access to real-time, high-quality data – and knowing exactly what to do with it – is the key to solving complexities in the supply chain. For example, supply chain leaders that increased their end-to-end visibility with high quality data were two times likely to report zero disruption issues in 2022.

"At ACI Group, we recognise that many SMEs rely on antiquated data input methods that cannot keep pace with rising demand from today’s consumers. Of those businesses that have made the leap to software platforms – such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – to deliver end-to-end visibility, these often come at a high cost with little-to-no data integration between platforms. The result is a widening of vulnerabilities and communication breakdowns in the supply chain.

"With the acquisition of Oomph Works Ltd, ACI Group is developing an AI-powered real-time SaaS data solution that incorporates all aspects of both traditional and non-traditional supply chain elements, so SMEs can easily build resilience and minimise the impact of active and potential real-time disruptions."

Oomph Works Ltd, prior to its rebranding was named Go Media Ltd, and has been servicing customers in the UK since 2007. Located in Wakefield, Yorkshire, the web agency develops business systems for SMEs – from recruitment and courier management to job and facilities management – that are both cost-effective and efficient.

ACI Group finalised the acquisition of Oomph Works Ltd on 2nd September 2022.

For more information on ACI Group and its activities, please visit our website.

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