ACI Group’s Oomph CRM launches on Xero Marketplace

September 2023

ACI Group Ltd (‘ACI Group’) has announced today that it has launched its customer relationship management platform, Oomph CRM, on the Xero App store.

The CRM platform, which aims to bridge the data visibility gap for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them save time, is part of the leading distributor’s vision to bring digital transformation to the traditional supply chain in the food, pharma, chemical and industrial sectors.

Known as a hub for business productivity, the Xero App Marketplace makes it easy for SMEs to find a tool that is built for their unique business needs. Accessible from the Xero online accounting software system, Oomph CRM can easily be connected to a business Xero account for complete invoicing synchronisation.

Karsten Smet, CEO of ACI Group, commented: “No matter which industry, from food to pharma and beyond, SMEs are continuing to face challenges in the supply chain. At ACI Group, we recognise many small companies may still be using legacy IT solutions or physical paper trials. Yet manual data entry is no longer an option for businesses that need to remain agile to quickly adapt to external pressures out of their control. “That’s where Oomph CRM comes in. As our SaaS CRM solution, it automates data processes, tracks your company performance with clear communications – so you know the who, when, where and what – and helps you nurture customer relationships in just one tool. It’s our answer to helping small businesses and start-ups grow, flourish, and succeed.”

With up to five users per subscription, Oomph CRM’s basic package features customer and supplier management, activities, sales forecasting, product management, quotes and invoicing, enquiries, advanced reporting and file management.

“When Oomph is integrated with the Xero accounting SaaS platform, Oomph generates invoices and synchronises your tax rates, which are automatically sent through to Xero, removing human error and enabling data integrity,” continued Karsten. “This makes Oomph CRM and Xero a great combination for any small business user looking for a way to impact on business profitability without affecting their time.”

Oomph CRM from Oomph Works, which is part of ACI Group, can be trialled for free for up to 14 days and can be found on the Xero App Store at:

For more information on Oomph CRM, please visit:

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