The Popularity of Protein: ACI Group supports consumer demand for healthy snacks

August 2023

Protein has never been more popular.

Fittingly for the complex molecules that are known to help build strength and endurance, the protein megatrend has proven it has real staying power. Food producers are rushing to add protein to foods like cereal bars and yoghurts, while emphasising the naturally high protein content in foods like nuts and red meat as part of their marketing strategies. Consumers can’t seem to get enough.

It means the soy protein market is set to reach a global value of $14.9bn by 2032 (£11.69bn), at a CAGR of 6.9%. It means ingredients manufacturers are having to step up to the plate to source the innovative soy solutions the market demands.

Why is protein so popular?

It's easy to see why. Protein’s benefits are easy for companies to explain and simple for consumers to understand. It also provides a feeling of fullness that can help people control hunger cravings when trying to lose weight or gain lean muscle.

As a result, today’s consumers recognise the importance of key nutrients, with 78% linking protein to immune health. If these time-poor shoppers can get those nutrients in a convenient grab-and-go snack bar or beverage, without having to cook up a batch of egg whites and steak every day, then that’s even better.

The growing protein trend also serves consumers with dietary needs. Now, there is no reason why a vegan can’t enjoy the same protein intake as a regular meat eater thanks to an ever-growing market full of protein-rich foods – including meat alternatives. These products now offer a huge variety of sensory experiences, with different tastes, textures, and aromas all available to delight consumers.

At ACI Group, we play our part in distributing some of the finest plant-based proteins in the world, matching food producers with the ingredients and additives they need to meet the nutritional demands of today’s consumers. When you partner with ACI Group, it’s easier than ever to source a range of different proteins for any food application.

IFF Proteins

Our partner IFF supports us in the bars and confectionery categories. We’re proud to be the distributor of its range of SUPRO® and TRUPRO® proteins.

SUPRO is available as a soy protein isolate, which contains a minimum of 90% protein. This product range is ideal for achieving the desired protein level in bars and snacks without compromising the texture.

The SUPRO range also includes Soy Protein Nuggets. These include IFF’s unique 90% soy protein option and will add a satisfying crunch to any snack – ideal for blending with grains, nuts, and seeds for a natural look. Both options have a neutral flavour and can appear on ingredient lists as an isolated soy protein.

TRUPRO Pea Protein offers industry-leading flavour and mouthfeel performance. It can be used to deliver nutrition in a wide range of health and wellness-themed snacks, targeted at anyone from consumers to athletes to older individuals.

As with SUPRO, TRUPRO is also available as a nugget, satisfying consumer demand for high-protein snacks that deliver a superb multi-sensory experience. Between these four soy solutions, healthy snack producers have a range of options to appeal to a broad mix of consumers.

Soy Austria

We are also incredibly proud to work with Soy Austria to distribute its vast portfolio of soy-based ingredients and additives for food, beverages, snacks, and desserts across the world. A storied company, Soy Austria began as a grain mill in 1752, before expanding into soy-based ingredients over two centuries later, in 1989. Today, it is an international market leader in the soy field.

This partnership means we can match producers with a cost-effective source of sustainable, non-GMO, and natural soy-based ingredients. Soypan, for example, is a full-fat soy flour that is ideal for white bread, rolls, buns, baking agents and more, thanks to its softer, finer crumb and superior dough plasticity.

Soygran and Soyflakes make use of full-fat soy to deliver a natural grain or cornflake mouthfeel to cereals, cereal bars, muesli bars and baked goods. Both offer a high fibre and protein content, and a pleasant non-bitter nutty taste.

We can also distribute Soy Austria’s range of debittered soy brans, enzyme-active and inactive soy flour, and classic soybeans, providing a soy solution for almost every food and nutrition application.

The protein trend is here to stay – and as long as it is, ACI Group is here to support you by sourcing the ideal protein ingredients and additives for your food and nutrition products.

Get in touch today to learn how we can streamline your supply chain and source the world’s finest ingredients for your business.

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