3 reasons to choose ‘business consciousness’ as your next disruptor

Dec 2022

Why do we go into business? To simply make money? Or are we looking for something deeper – a connection that could enable change by creating new business models and initiatives for the benefit of our employees, partners or even the world?

What if we could create a positive environment where our employees and communities can find a way to express their essential values, while endorsing these benefits to stakeholders? A progressive environment where accountability is key?

At ACI, we focus on bringing consciousness into our business environment by working to establish a collective and responsible future that will allow our business to thrive! To date, we have focused on three areas of support that enable our company to embrace the change and flexibility it needs to lay down a positive and lithe foundation for the benefit of our employees, customers, and partners.

Reason #1 – We put people before profit

The pandemic was a wake-up call for ACI, and one that we embraced fully by investing in our team’s health and wellbeing. As a family business, looking after each other is our number one priority. The decision to move to our new premises in Cookham was an opportunity to offer our employees a holistic, fun, and happy environment with lots of green space to relax and unwind. With our focus on building resilience, we continually invest in team activities and on providing support for the mental health and wellbeing of our staff. To make the transition to our new way of working seamless, we earmarked £25k for specialist sales and customer training, which massively increased motivation throughout our business. Our employees of course, are our biggest asset and investing in them simply makes sense!

Reason #2 – Agile supply chains

Another lesson we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic was the need to build a resilient supply chain that could manage key pressure points and challenges with increasing agility and efficiency.

A report by McKinsey Global Institute found that on average, companies can expect supply chain disruption of between one to two months in duration every 3.7 years.1 This is one of the biggest stress points for speciality chemical manufacturers, along with staying on top of new regulatory processes - from changes to the EU’s pharmaceutical legislation to new Medical Device Regulations.

We realise that to keep on top of all these changes, we must invest in upping our digital transformation capacity. Not only to improve traceability and visibility, but to offer a sense of cohesion and a single point of truth for the entire supply chain. As a business, we are fully committed to investing in the infrastructure and training needed to effectively manage risk and regulatory compliance – thereby improving our speed to market, accountability, and all-important supply chain transparency.

Reason #3 – We are changemakers

One of the biggest challenges for any company is the ability to deliver complete end-to-end visibility in the supply chain. One of our key goals is to positively disrupt antiquated workflow methods in the pharma, food, and industrial markets. To this end we acquired the technology software business Oomph Works, which now forms part of our strategic move to solve complexities in the supply chain, reduce global bottlenecks and tackle increased costs for our business and our customers’ businesses. This is in line with our goal of moving towards zero supply chain disruption.

With Oomph, we are developing AI-powered real-time data solutions that can incorporate all aspects of both traditional and non-traditional supply chain elements. This means that SMEs can easily build resilience and minimise the impact of active and potential real-time disruptors into their business plan – a win/win situation for all concerned!

At ACI we know that implementing business consciousness principles are mutually advantageous. To continue building on these goals, we must embrace change, by taking stock of current systems to develop and grow innovative approaches where needed.

For more information on our commitment to facilitate conscious growth within the business, contact us here.

Future supply chains: resilience, agility, sustainability | McKinsey

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