Why ACI Group is small enough to care, big enough to deliver.

June 2022

Since 1988, ACI Group has been on a mission to become the ‘complete distribution service’ for the food, pharma, industrial and road industries. With over 200 customers and more than 50 suppliers globally, we are passionate about service and sustainability in supply chains.

Yet that does not make us a traditional distribution service. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We want to break the mould, do something different and innovate in a way that no other distributor has done before.

So, how do we do it?

Our commitment to you

ACI Group is built on a foundation of empirical values that reflect our heritage and history. These five core values create a sense of togetherness in our organisation that are fully embraced within the team.

1. We are committed
Aiming to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers and suppliers, we are committed to supporting your business needs. Whether that’s hosting digital or physical workshops to bring new ideas to life or by understanding niche requirements that are particular to your business, we go the extra mile.

2. We take ownership
Supply chains are complex. In the current climate, you need a distributor that takes ownership without hesitation, so you can focus on what you do best. That is why we tackle supplier challenges head-on, so you don’t have to.

3. We are bold
Change is inevitable, so we embrace it. Our business model does not rely on traditional methods of distribution. Technical innovation is what drives us forward and makes us different.

4. We are part of a family
ACI Group is the home of brands. Between Naturis, Flomac, Performance and Pharma, we lead from the front and know each industry inside and out. Through this, our team will communicate with you openly and honestly.

5. We excel in customer service
Every time you choose ACI Group as your distributor of choice, you will get the same level of service each time – the highest quality. Our team was also recognised recently in Chamber of Commerce Awards for our excellence in customer service. Find out more about this recognition, right here.

Our commitment to the planet

Decarbonising the economy is top of worldwide government agenda. Distributors have a major part to play here as we move towards lower-carbon innovation, investing in new technologies and driving value added solutions across the supply chain.

In a recent Deloitte survey of 23,000 people worldwide, 72% believe that climate change is an emergency [1]. To reduce emissions, industries must adapt dynamically to changing customer needs. This requires building an agile business model or restructuring supply chains with an ecosystem of partners that can add value to your business. Consumers also value authenticity with 70% [2] saying that they value transparency (e.g. how and where a product is made, what resources it uses, and so on) throughout the supply chain.

To meet consumer demand and customer expectations, we want to ensure that any claim – by us or our suppliers – is measured from the outset. To do this, we have become the UK’s first distributor to be awarded the Social Value Quality Mark, which aims to recognise the highest known standards in values-led business.

As part of that promise, we have pledged to work with our supply chain to balance our customer needs and improve their resilience. Not only will we carry out monthly supply chain reviews to understand where blockers, risks and markets are causing potential issues, but we will also ask all new suppliers to complete our social value assessment. This includes considering the use of sustainable options, where each supplier will be reviewed annually against key environmental criteria.

We care, we deliver

At ACI Group, we utilise our 30 years’ experience in distribution so that our customers achieve their business, social and environmental targets. For us, a complete distribution service means going above and beyond what’s necessary for today. We look to the future and invest in sustainable innovation that will deliver a better planet for all.

1. Deloitte, Reducing carbon, fueling growth: Lowering emissions in the chemical industry, 
June 2022
2. Packaging Europe, New research from Digimarc points to consumer demand for digital traceability solutions, June 2022

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