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Welcome to our monthly video series where we’re going back to the future of food!

In this special digital video series hosted by ACI Group, you will discover the past, present and future delights of food innovation. Over the next six months, you’ll hear from some of the brightest minds in today’s food and bakery industry, understand the latest industry trends and upcoming innovations, and discover real solutions to the challenges the supply chain is experiencing today.

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Annie Gray

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Our innovation feature special guests every month to help our Customers with their biggest challenges.


Raising the bar on Form & Function by IFF
November 8th 2023

With the ever-increasing number of consumers turning to nutritional bars as the perfect snack, the expectations of what a bar should deliver have increased. Learn how an ACI partner like IFF is turning insight into innovation, translating a wide array of consumer needs such as energy, naturalness and added functionality into compelling concepts.

This presentation led by Gwynnie Hagen, Europe Category Marketing Lead Bakery, Bars & Confectionery, at IFF, will provide answers for anyone interested in innovative bar design.

Crumbs! A Cake History by Dr. Annie Gray

Clean Label Trend in Bakery by BASF

Join Anna Dennhöfer, Head of Product Management, Kathrin Saur, Global Product Manager – Food Performance Ingredients, and Jochen Kutscher, Manager Applications Labs – Food Performance Ingredients from BASF as they discuss the clean label megatrend in this 20-minute presentation. Learn why clean label is here to stay, what it really means, and how Spongolit® Pure 10 – a cake aerating system offering high performance from BASF – meets this trend.

Innovate with Purpose by Greenfield

The Future of Baking Ingredients
by Dr. Julia Rodriguez Garcia

This insightful 20-minute presentation from Dr. Julia Rodriguez Garcia, Associate Professor in Food Science at the University of Reading, is a deep-dive into how we can reformulate our food streams with sustainable ingredients to provide healthy, affordable and palatable food for our future generations. From faba beans to fungi, discover how the food industry can reshape the food system to restore biodiversity and become carbon neutral by 2050.

Crumbs! A Cake History by Dr. Annie Gray

Crumbs! A Cake History
by Dr. Annie Gray

In this fascinating presentation by Dr. Annie Gray, you’ll find out why the traditional hot cross bun takes us back to the Tudor period, the reason our quintessential fruit cake needs to be made in a large clean bucket with your hands and understand just how great the Victorians were at converting stale cake into the most scrumptious leftover bakes!

Innovate with Purpose by Greenfield

Innovate with Purpose
by GreenField

Presented by Katarzyna Falenczykowska, GreenField’s Sales Manager, this video shares insight into how bakery brands can innovate with purpose by using clean label ingredients – like cocoa fibre, oat-beta glucan fibre and dried fruit seeds – when bringing new product developments to market. 

Festive Food through the Ages by Dr. Annie Gray

Festive food through the ages
by Dr. Annie Gray

Grab a glass of mulled wine and your favourite festive treat and watch Dr. Annie Gray present Christmas through the ages in this delightful 25-minute video. Learn why plum pottage was the height of luxury before plum ‘Christmas’ pudding was introduced, why the humble mince pie was traditionally made with meat tongue, and the real reason we should eat Christmas cake on 6th January!

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