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ACI Group rises to the judging challenge as proud sponsors of the National Bakery Awards 2023

ACI Group will put its tastebuds to the test this month when the company takes a seat at the judging table for the National Bakery Awards 2023.

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Three ways ACI Group can tackle your pharma distribution challenges

In the pharma supply chain, disruption is the new norm. Expecting the unexpected and finding order within the chaos is now a prerequisite for success in the industry. It’s a challenging environment for any stakeholder, particularly SMEs trying to chart a course through these choppy waters.

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GB Awards

ACI Group nominated as a double finalist in
Great British Business Awards

ACI Group Ltd (‘ACI Group’), a leading UK distributor working with some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands in the global food, pharma, industrial and road sectors, has been nominated as a double finalist in this year’s Great British Business Awards.

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How Bakery SMEs can take their supply chain to the next level

Worried about the cost-of-living crisis? Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are. Between a rise in the cost of raw material goods, energy and business rates, the road ahead for SMEs is a challenging one, but it is not impossible

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ACI Group secures major UK distribution deal with Glac Biotech for probiotic and postbiotic ingredients

Leading UK distributor ACI Group, which works with major international food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has partnered with global experts in probiotic integrated solutions, Glac Biotech Co., Ltd (‘Glac Biotech’), to distribute its ingredients in the UK.

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How ACI can help digitally transform your business

Experts say that digital technology is the key to driving economic recovery for small businesses. When around four in five SMEs in the UK are finding it difficult to plan beyond 2023 due to rising costs and challenges in the supply chain, is digital transformation the answer? At ACI Group, we believe it could be.

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ACI Group launches Oomph to help solve data visibility challenges for SMEs

Leading UK distributor, ACI Group, has announced today that it has launched its software technology platform, Oomph, to improve data visibility, flexibility and speed to market for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Key 2023 food trends to watch out for.

At ACI Group, the nature of our business means we need to be able to see the future.

This isn’t down to any clairvoyance (that we know of) but is down to a wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of global supply chains and the issues that affect them. Such detailed knowledge of the present gives us unparalleled insights into the future. That means we’re in the perfect position to share our insights on the key trends that will shape the food industry in 2023.

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ACI Group secures exclusive UK & Ireland distribution deal with Soy Austria®

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has entered into a new partnership with international market leader Soy Austria® to distribute its soy-based solutions in the UK & Ireland.

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3 reasons to choose ‘business consciousness’ as your next disruptor

Why do we go into business? To simply make money? Or are we looking for something deeper – a connection that could enable change by creating new business models and initiatives for the benefit of our employees, partners or even the world?

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Why ACI Group puts social sustainability at the heart of business

At ACI Group, we’re committed to our values. We think service and sustainability throughout the supply chain go hand-in-hand. And we don’t waver in our commitment to that, even in the face of the greatest challenges.

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ACI Group acquires tech software business to positively disrupt traditional supply chain

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands throughout Europe, has announced today that it has acquired a technology software business to support and deliver complete end-to-end visibility in the supply chain.

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Big Enough

Karsten Smet named Entrepreneur of the Year in Thames Valley Business & Community Awards

ACI Group Director Karsten Smet achieves big win at awards with Entrepreneur of the Year.

Leading UK distributor to some of the biggest brands in pharma, food and road, ACI Group Ltd (ACI Group), has scooped a major win at the Thames Valley Business & Community Awards after Director Karsten Smet was awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ accolade.

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ACI Group goes above and beyond to deliver uninterrupted product supply for Eurovia Group

For Eurovia Group (‘Eurovia’), finding local suppliers that uphold a similar vision, purpose and values to its business is the key to ensuring any customer project runs efficiently.

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ACI Group named triple finalist in Thames Valley Business & Community Awards

Leading UK distributor, ACI Group Ltd (ACI Group), has been named a finalist in three award categories in the Thames Valley Business & Community Awards.

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ACI Group inks exclusive UK nutraceutical distribution deal with two leading brands.

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has secured two exclusive deals with GR Herbals and Caltron Clays & Chemicals (‘Caltron Clays’) to distribute their nutraceutical products in the UK.

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ACI Group ‘seeds the future’ with Bakery Innovation Webinar series

Leading UK distributor ACI Group, which works with some of the largest global food brands, has launched a new webinar innovation series that tackles the biggest challenges facing bakery producers today.

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The ACI Difference: Why our customers are at the heart of our business

Henry Ford famously said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Even though the world we live in has changed dramatically since Ford’s words, to this day they still ring true. Think about the way businesses now approach sustainability and social equality. They define realistic and achievable goals, then set out to measure them. The results, whether positive or negative, are then addressed, actioned and eventually improved upon. So long as a team shares the same vision or the same goal, there will always be progress. But it’s not always easy. 

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Big Enough

Why ACI Group is small enough to care, big enough to deliver

Since 1988, ACI Group has been on a mission to become the ‘complete distribution service’ for the food, pharma, industrial and road industries. With over 200 customers and more than 50 suppliers globally, we are passionate about service and sustainability in supply chains.

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ACI Group named Chamber of Commerce Award Runner-Up for Excellence in Customer Service

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road brands, has been named as a runner-up of the Excellence in Customer Services Award by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Redefining what sustainability means in Distribution as a Service

Consumers value transparency in the supply chain. They want to buy from a brand that not only sets its own sustainability targets but intends to meet them. Whether that’s through reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, investing in next-generation technology or by sourcing local ingredients that are sustainably manufactured.

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ACI Group achieves UK first with Social Value Quality Mark

ACI Group, a leading distributor working with some of the largest global food, pharma, industrial and road businesses, has become the UK’s first distributor to achieve the esteemed Social Value Quality Mark (SVQM) – an award that aims to cultivate and recognise the highest known standards in values-led business.

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